Great British Cycling Festival, Norwich, 100 mile Challenge, 30 June 2019

This was an event I wanted to ride as soon as I heard about it: 100 miles, starting within riding distance of home, following the wheel tracks of Britain’s best riders, and heading up the North Norfolk coast.

Weather was great, hot but not too hot, a breeze (which proved challenging in places, rarely did we feel the wind behind us). Started getting ready in Chapelfield Gardens in Norwich, but riding/walking to the proper start outside  City Hall, though it was about a mile later that we got going properly.

Pleasant riding which was disturbed by a selfish cyclist cutting in unnecessarily after overtaking a small group of us – he caused the first rider to crash and that then took out the next two riders, one of which was me. So three riders on the ground, only one injured and that fairly minor but needing attention. Motorbike marshal quickly on the scene administered first aid and we were all able to carry on riding, with the injured guy receiving more treatment at the food stop a few miles later. 

I stopped a bit later to help someone who had punctured and was having difficulty. We then rode together until she stopped for food while I carried on in a vain attempt to try to make up some lost time.

There were probably around a dozen of us riding at similar speeds and we kept on passing/being passed by each other but I rode many of the remaining miles with Liz, sometimes chatting, sometimes one behind the other, but the company certainly made the miles pass by more easily. I think that helped me moderate my speeds which kept cramp away!

Pleasant and relaxed food stops with catch up times and chats. I was now in no hurry as I had no idea how long or fast I had been riding.

A terrible time of just under 8 hours, but my Garmin failed completely so I don’t have my own record of the ride, perhaps just as well! Gentle ride back home along some quiet roads. 


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