Richard Ellis Memorial, 100km Audax Ride, Saturday 5 October 2019

A really enjoyable ride, starting in the small town of Great Dunmow, Essex – where I got quite lost both in the car and on the bike trying to find the start! There was a choice of two car parks and I chose the one further from the start as I thought I had time to spare. Well, I did until I turned the wrong way out of the car park, but eventually got to the start a few minutes after everyone had started. No matter, it meant I could take my time getting ready before eventually heading out. Pleasant roads through some charming villages – really enjoyed it.

The ride is in memory of a popular Audax rider who was killed on an event by a driver who has since been convicted and imprisoned.

Very quiet roads for the most part, heading to a real cyclist café in a tiny village – no idea if all the cyclists there were part of the ride or just out cycling, but it was heaving! Opted for quick food rather than wait for hot food but it was really good and I was soon on my way again, greeting numerous cyclists on their way to the café.

A few roads vaguely familiar but most not. Thinking how much I enjoyed 100km rides – not the challenge of a 100 mile event (another 2 and a bit hours), but thoroughly enjoyable. Of course, the weather was fine – the next day was terrible so was really glad to be riding on the Saturday! First ride with Wahoo – all fine (though I hadn’t set up tracking properly!)

About 10km from the finish, I began thinking of the pizza I knew was waiting for us at the Arrivée, but was trying to work out what I’d drink with it (not a tea drinker nor a fan of instant coffee). Being greeted by the smell of pizza and the sight of a cafétiere really made my day!

No real idea how many riders on this ride because I started late, overtook a few and made up for lost time with a relatively quick café stop. Overtaking slower riders means plenty of little conversations but everyone rides at their own pace so I soon moved on. This was probably the most enjoyable organised ride I’ve done; others have been more challenging and therefore enjoyed the accomplishment, but this was pure fun, even the hills didn’t deter me, though some needed quite a bit of effort.



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