How to Follow Me

It’s hard to explain just how helpful it is to know someone is following my progress (or sometimes, the lack of it!). All activities that last for several hours will have spots that are more challenging/boring/depressing/”how am I ever going to finish this” or cold/wet/windy – and cycling for 70 – 100 miles (for me that’s 5 – 7 hours, sometimes more) will certainly have a few. Knowing¬† you are “watching” will make a difference and help me pedal through those spots!

Cheering crowds do make a difference – even when they are “virtual”

If I know in advance that you want to follow me, I will set up my bike computer so you should receive an email when I start – it will have a link that should show you my planned route as well as where I am on that route.

In addition, on the post for each event, I plan to show a map of the route and this will be updated with my current position every 5 minutes or so. This does rely on me remembering to set it off on my phone before I start riding – which might not happen if I get to the start a bit late!

Neither way works perfectly all the time, but, hopefully, one will work!